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This movie was photographed (and probably edited) by Multnomah County Sheriff’s Reserve Lt. Baucke. It is silent, black and white, 29 minutes long, and filmed between May 30 and mid June, 1948. The movie shows scenes from the greater Portland area during the 1948 Memorial Day Flood (also known as the Vanport Flood). Scenes are shot from the water and from land and include buildings and vehicles, damage, people, rescue and repair operations, and a panorama of the Columbia River. There are scene markers titled Columbia River on the Rampage (2:36), Portland Airport (3:38), Union Station (6:10), Vanport(6:34), Faloma District (12:10), NE 41st Ave (18:15), Portland Army Air Base (21:05), Sight Seeing? (25:55), and After the Flood Receded (26:12)

1/1/48, 12:00 AM

The provenance of this movie is unclear. It was transferred to the County Archives by the Sheriff’s Office but may have been produced by the Oregon Historical Society for Multnomah County. It is in color, silent, and lasts a little over eleven minutes. It is not dated but probably was made in the late 1940’s. The movie primarily documents the activities related to the Multnomah County Hospital. The first minute and a half appears to have scenes from the Poor Farm/Edgefield. The remainder shows the exterior of the hospital and grounds, medical records, reception, patients in bed, kitchen and food preparation and delivery, charting, patient tests and procedures, surgery, equipment sterilization, and the baby ward.

2/18/21, 10:50 PM

This movie, titled Yesterdays, was co-produced by the Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon Historical Society in 1982 by Jerry Baumgarner (MCSO) and Michelle Kribs (OHS). It is a little over 25 minutes long and is in both color and in black and white. It presents information from the 1930’s through the 1980’s about the history of some parts of MCSO operations. Segments include Poor Farm operations, the construction of Rocky Butte Jail in 1939-1944, Larch Mountain Road construction, the creation of the anti-protest Emergency Squad in 1963, the River Patrol, a 1966 plane crash search and rescue, and the motorcycle division and trick team.

1/1/82, 12:00 AM

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