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Includes: Townships 1 North & 1 South Ranges 2, 3, and 4 East

Includes: Townships 1 North & 1 South Ranges 1 and 2 West, 1 and 2 East

Includes: Townships 1, 2, & 3 North Ranges 1 & 2 East and 1 & 2 West.

This item comprises four sheets depicting the land parcels of Multnomah County's by full and quarter sections. They include the Central, Easter, Northwest, and Southwest sectors.


Includes: Townships 1 & 2 North, and 1 South Ranges 5, 6, and 7 East

Sketch of Multy wearing judicial robes. His left arm is holding a book. The scales of justice dangle from his right pointer finger. "SAMPLE - finished drawing single line uniform weight" is written beneath the sketch.


Sketch of Multy as a lifeguard in swim trunks. The word "Lifeguard" is written next to him in a square that may represent a sign.


Sketch in which Multy is pointing to a capital "M" on his shirt.


Sketch of Multy next to a magnetic tape data storage unit


Sketches of eight variations of Multy's facial features, most specifically the eye area. Multy's hair, mouth, and nose remain essentially the same for seven of the sketches. The last sketch reveals only Multy's head and hair without any facial features whatsoever.


Sketch of Multy wearing a visor, holding a tax bill and a pencil.


Sketch of Multy waving and pointing at the capital "M" on his shirt. Written next to him: "Hi I'm Multy; your friendly symbol of intelligent efficient etc. County government."


Letter from Robert Baldwin, Planning Director, to Max Berg, County Commissioners' Office, requesting content for the County handbook. The list includes various charts, maps, and a character "to be known temporarily as 'Multy'." The description of Multy contains a variety of situations in which Multy should be depicted, such as in a sheriff's deputy uniform, working at a computer, in doctor's garb, in judicial robes, etc.

Business correspondence

Multy served for a short time as Multnomah County mascot in the mid to late 1960s. He was created in 1964 to represent Multnomah County in the "Know Your Multnomah County Government" handbook. He appears in the 1965 version of the handbook and the last installation that was published later that same decade.


Sketch of Multy in a hard hat while operating a bulldozer.


Set of color drawings of proposed development on Columbia River. Images are of trail systems signage, walking paths, site plan, boat launch, and structures.


Color drawing of boardwalk path next to river.


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