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Records of the individual branches, generally reporting to the Community (previously Extension) Services director. The most commonly found records are monthly, annual, and children’s librarian reports of branch accomplishments – staff, circulation, activities, etc – in a narrative format. Other records include scrapbooks, photographs, and correspondence.

6/30/21, 8:30 PM

1/4/21, 11:53 PM

The Multnomah County Local Public Safety Coordinating Council (LPSCC) was established by Senate Bill 1145 (1995) to coordinate local criminal justice policy among affected criminal justice entities.

6/23/20, 5:23 PM

This collection comprises records that relate to the administration of the library system as an organization. It includes documentation of strategic planning, outreach, working papers of leadership staff, among other records.

7/12/21, 7:32 PM

5/13/20, 6:18 PM

Records related to the preparation and adoption of the annual budget for Multnomah County.

5/29/20, 1:36 PM

5/13/20, 9:04 PM

4/20/21, 10:32 PM

Records relating to the administration and management of land use planning in Multnomah County, including policy development, planning maps, correspondence, committee records, reports and studies, photographs, etc.

11/27/20, 9:45 PM

The County Sheriff's records include administrative records maintained by the County Sheriff or their administrative staff.

5/13/20, 8:55 PM

These records fall into three major categories: records related to the management of elections, records documenting the outcome of elections, and voter registration records. The earliest records are election abstracts, which date from 1878. Some earlier election materials are also located in the Board of County Commissioners journals. There are also cancelled voter registration cards dating from 1908. This series contains the first voter registrations for female voters in 1912 and 1913. There are also precinct maps for elections which begin as complete sets in the 1950 elections.

8/6/20, 8:40 PM

Records within the Board of County Commissioners collection include materials related to and created by the Board as a single administrative entity.

5/15/20, 6:01 PM

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