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This movie was made by the Sheriff’s Office. It is in color, silent, and lasts about thirteen minutes. It was shot in early June, 1948 with flood waters in Vanport still very high. The movie consists of shots of various flooded locations, mostly taken from a boat. The movie is primarily Vanport centered but has other flooded locations along the Columbia River. Scenes include floating debris, damaged buildings, work on the railroad dike, the Livestock and Exposition Center, Denver Avenue, MLK (formerly Union) Avenue, sandbags, Swift Meat Packing, rescue work, Jantzen Beach Amusement Park, and the Edgewater Golf Course. The movie has a number of informational cards filmed throughout.

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This movie is a compilation of three short clips. It was probably created from films made by the Sheriff’s Office. It is almost four minutes long and is in color. The two Sheriff Martin clips also have sound. The first clip was probably made in 1948 and includes a sheriff’s deputy playing around and cleaning up and a drive through post-flood Vanport. The second clip starts at 1:27 and is a 1976/77 public service announcement from Sheriff Edgar Martin focusing on crime and citizen involvement in its prevention. The third clip starts at 2:28 and also is a 1976/77 public service announcement from Sheriff Edgar Martin. It focuses specifically on burglary and its prevention.

Public service announcements (Motion pictures)

This movie was photographed (and probably edited) by Multnomah County Sheriff’s Reserve Lt. Baucke. It is silent, black and white, 29 minutes long, and filmed between May 30 and mid June, 1948. The movie shows scenes from the greater Portland area during the 1948 Memorial Day Flood (also known as the Vanport Flood). Scenes are shot from the water and from land and include buildings and vehicles, damage, people, rescue and repair operations, and a panorama of the Columbia River. There are scene markers titled Columbia River on the Rampage (2:36), Portland Airport (3:38), Union Station (6:10), Vanport(6:34), Faloma District (12:10), NE 41st Ave (18:15), Portland Army Air Base (21:05), Sight Seeing? (25:55), and After the Flood Receded (26:12)

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