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The Board of County Commissioners collection comprises multiple collections related to the administration of Multnomah County since its incorporation in 1854. Includes records from elected County Commissioners and County Chairs as well as records produced by the distinct agencies of the County Chair's Office and the Board of County Commissioners. The Board records collection includes materials that relate to and were created by the Board of County Commissioners as one administrative unit. The Chair's Office records collection includes materials that relate to the County Chair's office as an administrative unit. Materials relating to the activities of specific elected officials can be found in the Individual commissioners and County Chairs collection. They are also cross-referenced in the Elected offices collection.

5/13/20, 6:55 PM

Records created by the administrative departments and programs of Multnomah County. Does not include records originating from elected officials or their staff.

11/16/20, 7:30 PM

Records created by elected officials (current and former), their administrative staff, or the administration of the office itself. Includes records of Multnomah County Commissioners, Multnomah County Chairs, Multnomah County District Attorney, and the Multnomah County Sheriff. Multnomah County Chair and Commissioner records are cross-referenced from the Board of County Commissioners collection.

12/9/20, 7:54 PM

Virtual collections of images and records featured in Multnomah County Archives's digital exhibits.

7/27/21, 3:38 PM

A virtual collection of records that are specifically historical in nature. Records are either from County agencies that no longer exist or are linked series from other collections within the digital archives.

11/16/20, 7:41 PM

Records created from collaborations or partnerships between Multnomah County and other public agencies.

12/9/20, 10:30 PM

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