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Research Guide: Exempt minor partitions

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Before you begin

This tutorial assumes that you have the township, range, section numbers and the quarter of section for the property you are researching. You can use that information to identify the property’s historic quarter section number and use that to find any related exempt minor partitions.

Find the historic quarter section number

Step 1

In the search box, type “historic quarter section maps” (with quotation marks) and click on the blue button with the magnifying glass to search the archive. (Image 1)

Screenshot of Multnomah County Digital Archives home page with the words "historic quarter section maps" entered in search box and a red rectangle around the "Archive" button.

Image 1

Step 2

Click on the folder with the survey map thumbnail icon. (Image 2)

Results from search in Step 1 with rectangle around "Historic quarter section maps" folder with map thumbnail.

Image 2

Step 3

When the list of maps appears, use the tooltip to find the sector map that corresponds to your property information. Click on the map to open it. (Image 3)

Example: Township 1 North, Range 2 East of the Willamette appears in the Central Sector map.

List of section maps with tooltip showing information per example.

Image 3

Step 4

Use the grid formed by the township and range numbers to locate your section number. (Image 4)

Note the following abbreviations:

  • T → Township
  • R → Range
  • E → East
  • N → North
  • S → South
  • W → West

Example: Section 18 is in Township 1 North and Range 2 East.

Sector map divided into townships and ranges

Image 4

Step 5

Use the quarter of section information to find the historic quarter section number. (Image 5)

Example: The southeast quarter of section 18 is historic quarter section number 2436.


Closeup of quarter section of example

Image 5


Find exempt minor partitions

Step 1

In the Search box, type “exempt minor partitions” (with quotation marks). Click on the blue button with the magnifying glass to search the Archive. (Image 6)

Screenshot of search box with the words "exempt minor partitions"

Image 6

Step 2

When the results appear, select Title in the “Sort by” drop-down menu. (Image 7)

Screenshot of results page with the "Sort by" drop down menu surrounded by red rectangle

Image 7

Step 3

In the results, click on the Exempt minor partitions folder with the thumbnail that looks like a permit. (Image 8)

Screenshot of search results with rectangle around one of two exempt minor partitions folders.

Image 8

Step 4

Find your historic quarter section number in the list on the left.

You may need to click on Show more results to expand the list. (Image 9)

Screenshot of faceted metadata with rectangle around the words "Show more"

Image 9

Step 5

Tick the checkbox to the left of your historic quarter section number. This will filter the results. Only those documents that apply to the selected historic quarter section will appear. (Image 10)

Example: Historic quarter section number 2436

Screenshot of results with the facet "2436" ticked

Image 10

Step 6

Click on any document to view.

Step 7

Click on the Show More button to expand the metadata above the document. (Image 11)

Screenshot of exempt minor partition metadata

Image 11

Step 8

Note that some documents may have restricted access. You will see information about this in the metadata that accompanies the documents. (Image 12)

Screenshot of metadata with rectangle around Access Rights metadata field.

Image 12

If the document is unavailable, follow the directions in the Access Rights metadata field to contact Land Use Planning for more information.

Watch a video recording of this research guide in action

Click on the image below to go to a video showing the steps of this tutorial.


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